Seaweed plays an important role in marine life, some serving as spawning grounds and habitat for marine animals. So on Cham Island only rock seaweed is harvested on low tide, most near Bai Huong. It is a very special food with health components not to be found in any other food. It tastes very salty and fishy. The color is darker and the iodine content much higher than seaweed elsewhere. So you need only small amounts of seaweed to prepare very special and healthy dishes! Price is 1 mio VND for 1 kg.

Cu Lao Cham seaweed is harvested only in winter, conserved and prepared the natural way. The dried seaweed can be stored over long time. In Cham Islands you may get even dishes with fresh seaweed! Delivery to the main land in good weather.

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Only in winter seaweed can be harwested from the rocks.

Harvesting rock seaweed at low tide