Beaches on Cham Islands

Cham islands is formed by a chain of volcanic islands. To the east vietnam sea giant waves hammer on big rocks. To the west, the main island Hon Lao is soft and lovely. Its dream beaches stretch a chain between Bai Lang harbour and Bai Huong fishing village. The beaches are separated by wooded rocks, that are used by the monkeys to get to the sea. Each beach has it own coral reefs. Simply follow the road from Bai Lang to Bai Huong.

The soft side of Cham Islands: Dream beaches (yellow) between Bai Lang (left) and Bai Huong (right)
Follow the road between Bai Lang and Bai Huong to find your own dream beach.
Dream beach 2
Bai Chong – A beach for yourself
Cham Island monkey 2
The only watchers are the monkeys in the jungle
Bai Lang Harbour
Beach of Bai Huong. Fishing village