Cham Islands transfer

All transfers between Cua Dai harbour and Cham Islands may be suspended by the local authorities in bad weather! Please call 036 936 5004 (in Vietnam) for tickets and availability. Please plan some days between your stay on Cham Islands and follow-up activities on the main land.

  • The ferry leaves Cua Dai Harbour (Hoi An) daily at 8.00h and takes 50 minutes to Bai Lang. Back in Cua dai Harbour 11.20h. Motobike (+100k) and bigger luggage transfer possible. Roundtrip is 350k VND including the biosphere fee.
Passenger and Cargo deck on the ferry
Large space on the ferry

Speedboat in Cua Dai Harbour
  • The speedboats or canoes take about 20 minutes one way, but cannot transport motobikes. Maybe more convenient for people with seasickness.
    To Cham Islands: Leaving Cua Dai 8.30h and 13.30h
    To Hoi An: Leaving Bai Lang 7.00h and 13.00h

  • Diving schools operate on wooden 2-floor-boats and offer perfectly organized diving and snorkeling with professional equipment and instructors. Prices depend on the service booked. Booking some days in advance is mandatory for organisation and safety.