Boat Adventure Cham Islands

Cham Islands is so much more than the only habitated main island Hon Lao with the town Bai Lang and the village Bai Huong. There are 7 more islands in the chain, tempting hidden spaces in the rough east vietnam sea.

Feel the power of the big waves breaking ashore. Snorkel, swim or dive in the crystal clear water of the coral reefs. Go out with the local fisherman fishing with the net. Find your own freedom.

There are so many options to make Cham Islands your own adventure! Hire a local boat to explore these pristine and natural islands for yourself. The local homestays can organize it for you. You may also call some fischermen directly.

+84 (0) 377 874 651 Mr. Cu

+84 (0) 369 365 004 Ms. Huong Lyly e-mail:

Recreational fishing in the places you select.
The freedom to go for traditional fishing with local fishermen.